Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Heart to Heart Challenge, Fancy Folds

This week at the Heart 2 Heart Challenge, we are doing fancy folds.  Please check out the challenge and the other great projects here.
Here is my project, a folded paper Christmas star ornament:

I made this using our Jingle paper and added a little bling with some small sparkles, randomly added around the ornament.  I first learned how to make these at a workshop in the summer of 2008.  Shortly after I became a consultant in October of 2008, I posted one on the bulletin board and was flooded with requests for directions.  I also hosted a workshop in 2008 with them as well.  I got a little tired of them and haven't made them since then.  It was nice to pull something out from the past and do it again.  I enjoy making them a lot, though I won't over do it this time hopefully. 
Here are some directions for making them.  I used Evensong in the lower example. 
You will need 5 different patterned papers.
1) Cut one 4"x4" square and two 2"x2" squares from each paper.
2) Fold each 4"x4" square in half.

3) Open the square and fold in half the other direction. 
4) Open and fold diagonally.

5.) Open, turn square over and fold diagonally in the opposite direction.

6.) Open up the square and bring diagonal folds together.  Make sure the paper you want to show is on the inside.

7.) Repeat 4 times for the other 4"x4" squares. 
8.) Adhere the first folded square to the next, for a total of five.  Do not attach the first to the last yet.  (The two squares shown below get adhered together.  Make sure the squares are all oriented the same way.)

9.)  All five together

10.) Attach ribbon to last squre and adhere the first square to the last square.  The ribbon should be on each side of the point.

11.)  Fold all 2"x2" squares diagonally with the patterns that you want shown on the inside.
12.)  Adhere all 2"x2" squares to the outside of the star, over the back sides of the other paper. 

13.)  Ink all edges with coordinating ink and add any embellishments.
14.) Done!

Once you've done a couple to get the hang of it, you can do them pretty quickly.  I can make one is less than 15 minutes, including all the cutting, folding and adhering.  These make great little gifts for teachers, customers, etc.  Have fun!


  1. Gorgeous Kate! I love this technique, your project has really put me in the spirit of Christmas! Can/have you made different sizes of these? You could adorn your Christmas tree with them (of course you may get sick of them again, lol). I'm definitely going to give this a try! Thanks for sharing with us at Heart 2 Heart challenges!

  2. Oooooooo, very pretty, I'm going to give it a try. Thanks so much for sharing the directions, and thanks for playing along with H2H.

  3. Love this! What a fun ornament! Thanks for playing along with us at Heart 2 Heart Challenges.